Sing on Saturday – German Jazz and Australian-Celtic Fusion

Sing on Saturday brings you a song or two from around the world every Saturday. Today we have two songs with more fusion than a nuclear explosion. First we have Mo’ Horizons, two DJs from Germany, putting a Brazilian twist on Ray Charles’ classic, “Hit the Road Jack”. Next we have lively danceable jazz fused with Australian Aboriginal didgeridoo by the 1980s band Outback, playing “Dance the Devil Away”.

Handpainted Butterfly

Handpainted Butterfly – Inspired by the beauty of the Amazons

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The band Outback was started by Martin Craddick, from the UK, and Graham Wiggins (an American whose mother is Australian). After the band broke up, Martin Craddick went on to start the band Baka Beyond, which fuses African and Celtic music. Graham Wiggins founded the band Dr. Didg, which fuses electronic techniques and the didgeridoo.

Baka Beyond

Baka Beyond



Baka Beyond describe themselves as an “Original Afro-Celtic danceband
inspired by the music of the rain forest”
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dr didg

Dr. Didg

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Mo’ Horizons

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