A short rant about the almost-lost art of craftsmanship

murano glass makingDefinition of craftsman: A man who practices a craft with great skill.

I’m sure many a craftsman or artisan will agree that seeing the fruits of one’s labor valued along the same lines as third world manual labor is often maddening. We live in a culture where everything is disposable and nothing lasts. We even plan obsolescence on purpose to encourage the purchase of new products.

Unfortunately, the cost to pay for getting everything cheap, is actually quite high. People need to be educated about the beautiful works of art that can only spring from the imagination of someone that has developed their craft a long time. A machine might be able to replicate a process, but it can’t be creative. Machines are great at doing the same thing many times over and over, but only an artist can make each artwork unique. Craftsmanship is an art, but it will become a lost art if we don’t learn to value that which is hand made over that which is machine made.

There was a campaign years ago called “buy American”. I think it’s high time we started “buy hand made”!