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Our free jewelry giveaway is tomorrow. You can win this beautiful Rose Quartz Geometric Pendant on Brown Suede, a handmade original ArtsyGenius design!

rose quartz geometric-539

Rose Quartz Geometric Pendant on Brown Suede Cord

This is from our new line, coming to Etsy next month.

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Sing on Saturday – Songs from Benin and Santo Domingo

microphoneEvery Saturday there will be a song from around the world. Today we have two. The first is a wonderfully cheery song from Juan Luis Guerra, a native of the Dominican Republic. The second is a haunting melody from Angelique Kidjo, who hails from Benin. Both of these musicians are cultural icons in and beyond their homelands. They are also activists who have embraced a message for the need to change, to make the world a better place.

Tribal Dance Necklace Click here to view on my Etsy Shop

Tribal Dance Necklace, $35
Click here to view on my Etsy Shop

ArtsyGenius travels the world in search of beauty, and brings back a tiny piece of it for making jewelry. Here is one of our items inspired by travels…

Angelique a the Nobel Peace Price Concert

Juan Luis Guerra

For more on Angelique Kidjo, visit

For more on Juan Luis Guerra, visit

Sing on Saturday – O Happy Day, sung by Soweto Gospel Choir

Starting today, there will be a song from around the world every Saturday. Some will be in English, some might be in Gaelic, or Zulu. But even if you don’t understand the words, you can always understand the feeling. Today’s song is an American Gospel Song, all the way from South Africa. Enjoy, and have a very Happy Day!

I made this necklace recently, recalling my time in Africa. I call it Serengeti queen. You can find it on my Etsy shop.

I made this necklace recently, recalling my time in Africa. I call it Serengeti queen. You can find it on my Etsy shop.

ArtsyGenius travels the world in search of beauty, and brings back a tiny piece of it for making jewelry. Here is one of our items inspired by travels…


For more information on the Soweto Gospel Choir, please go to

10 Mother’s Day Traditions From Around The World

mothers day bracelet-219

Mother’s Day Bracelet
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Happy Mother’s Day to you and yours!

Mother’s Day falls on different days around the world and has many different traditions. In Australia, people wear carnations of different colors to symbolize whether their mothers are living or deceased. In Mexico, children sing to their mothers in a type of morning-serenade. Here’s a list of several Mother’s Day traditions from Ireland, France, Spain, South Africa and more.

Mother’s Day Traditions Around the World

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Mexican Mothers Are The Inspiration for Beautiful Art

goddess gallery-tamara adams

Mother and child with rabbit – By Tamara Adams
Click image to view her Etsy Shop

Today is Mothers Day in Mexico. It is a day to revere the most important woman in your life, and for all Mexicans and Mexican-Americans, that will almost certainly be your mother (my apologies to wives, but your mother-in-law trumps you today).

In honor of those women who helped make us who we are, and to all of the other women who mothered us… our abuelitas, tias, and commadres… I’d like to share some beautiful art by modern artists.

Madonna and Child Ornament by Mexicanisima Click here to view her Etsy Shop

Madonna and Child Ornament by Mexicanisima
Click image to view her Etsy Shop

I love this Christmas ornament. It reminds me of almond paste that is molded into decorations in Spain. 


Madonna by Spirit Stuff

Madonna by Spirit Stuff
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Madonna by Flor Larios Click to view her Blog

Madonna by Flor Larios
Click to view her Website

I found this artist through a Google search and was delighted by her work! 

Abusing the French, My Fun Cinco De Mayo Tradition

mole and arroz rojo

Chicken Mole, an authentic Mexican dish from Puebla, Mexico. It’s made with chocolate!

Do the French annoy you? Have you ever seen public buildings in Mexico and thought they looked curiously French? Well here’s a little ammo so you can poke your French friends (I have many, by the way) in the ribs.

What? Isn’t Cinco de Mayo about Mexican independence day and drinking margaritas? Nooo…it’s the day of a battle, when a small army of Mexicans kicked French butt!


Teatro Degollado in Guadalajara, Mexico

Napoleon III invaded Mexico and setup his relative Maximilian as the emperor. The Mexicans weren’t too keen on having their country taken over, so this resulted in the Franco-Mexican war. On the 5th of May in 1862, the Mexican soldiers who were greatly outnumbered and ill-equipped (4,500 Mexicans against 8,000 French), crushed the French army and sent packing!

Although ousted, France left an impression on Mexico. The Degollado theatre in Guadalajara looks a whole lot like the Palais Bourbon in Paris, where the National Assembly meets. And there is a multitude of statues in Mexico that look like they came out of the French revolution. But we need to be extremely grateful to that small Mexican army for 2 things. If the Mexicans had lost, the USA would have snobby French neighbors on its southern border. Second, we’d have lost all the tasty food like chicken mole, flautas, and maybe even Margaritas. And that would be true tragedy!

So go ahead, have a Margarita, and make fun of your French friends like I do! 😀

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Men Have the Coolest Toys


I’m so jealous of men. As little boys, they get to play with weapons and take wood shop classes at school. This prepares them for pocket knives, hammers, saws, and maybe even matches if they promise not to burn down the house. The closest I ever got to playing with matches as a child was an EasyBake oven!

If you imagine jewelry-making as work for dainty girls dressed in pink, you’ve got a lot to learn. It’s true that my first forays into jewelry-making were with stringing and crimping. These were activities I could do while sitting pretty at the kitchen table, and my worst problem was having beads roll off. Then I got into wire-wrapping and my life began to change.

copper_wireSuddenly I needed 10 different types of pliers, and wire cutters, and metal cleaners. Then I heard about metal stamping, and I found myself at Home Depot looking for hammers and at Harbor Freight looking for metal letter stamps, after realizing that hardware stores sell hardware much cheaper than the sissy craft store. Recently, I learned about precious metal clay, and my obsession has reached new heights. Now I need solder, flux, torches and maybe a kiln. All of this has me wishing I was a man.

It’s not that women can’t do these things, but like many women I feel hesitant to try “manly” things on my own. In spite of my being a girly girl, I’m not useless by any means. I learned to solder circuits as a teenager, and I can build you a PC in no time flat. But there’s a big difference (at least in my mind) between techy and manly. Techy-ness requires skill, manly work requires brawn and knowing how to not slice off your fingers or burn off your face. The only men in my life are my brothers, and they don’t live near me, so I have to ask the salesmen at Home Depot for advice, which doesn’t always work out.

Tool bag

My tool bag

I wish that I’d spent more time with my dad when he was still alive, and that he’d taught me how to build stuff. I wish I’d bugged my brothers more when they did boy stuff. Maybe then I’d have grown up being comfortable with hammers and knives and fire. And though I won’t let my discomfort stop me, it makes my progress slower. So if you have daughters, try to teach them “boy stuff.” They may appreciate it a great deal when they grow up. Don’t presume that they’ll always be dainty girls dressed in pink, because one day when you least expect it, they might be swinging a hammer. And if they go all out and get themselves a torch, you’ll want them to know how to not set the house on fire.
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Happy Communist Day! Go Wear Something Red!

ImageI’m not a communist, nor do I play one on TV. I’m just a joker who uses any excuse to don costumes and colorful clothing. And if you think about it, would the communists have been so popular if they’d worn something sedate like flannel grey or brown corduroy? Red makes a statement. It is bold and emotional.

Red is dynamic. It flows like hot lava and overtakes your senses. It is the color of love and passion.royal red-701 I made a red necklace about a month ago, which I displayed 2 weeks later at a networking event. The director was a stylishly sedate woman, the kind of woman who feels most comfortable in beige (not knocking beige, but you know the type). She told me she didn’t like dangly things and since most of my necklaces have pendants, I told her I’d be happy to remove the pendant or turn it horizontally. I was slightly surprises that she’d kept this red necklace in her hands, but even more surprised when she said she loved it the way it was, and wanted to keep the dangle. So now she’s out there in the world, wearing red! I wonder what emotional response she’ll evoke in those around her.

Valentine Flower-524I just made this necklace. I’m going to call it Valentine Flower. Perhaps I should have made it in February, but oh well. My sister gave me the red flower. It was on a necklace that she picked up from some Chinese wholesalers in Los Angeles. It was clunky, mismatched and absolutely horrible. Chinese make great food, but I gotta wonder about their style choices sometimes. I cut up the necklace, kept the flower and tossed the rest. I combined it with stone jet beads, glass pearls, red glass beads and brass wire. The result is beautiful, I think. What does it evoke in you? Does it make you want to turn communist?! 😀

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