Colors of Fez

Colors of Fez

After a long obsession with travel and bead collecting, the idea of creating jewelry inspired by my travels was born. Everyone sees the world in a different way, and everyone finds beauty in a different way. It is around us everywhere, if we only look.

I love art, technology, and everything in between! Some people are very analytical, others very artistic.  Personally, I like to flip back-and-forth.  I love taking things apart and fitting them back together, whether I’m filming a scene, freezing action in a still, or disassembling my computer.  I live for the moment of discovering something new… something that no-one has ever seen before… or at least discovering a new perspective.  My travels and work around the world have taught me to value complexity, variety, and uniqueness.

I like to make a difference.  I believe that we are all capable of improving the lives of others.  In helping others, we grow and enrich our lives.  I’ve done some volunteer work in Ethiopia and Southern Africa, and am always looking for new projects.

I enjoying working on films, volunteering in various ministries at church and relaxing with books/music/movies and friends.

My ultimate dream would be to help others in artistic and technological pursuits for the rest of my life…

I believe we are here for a purpose, and that purpose is revealed in God’s perfect time.

5 thoughts on “About

  1. I have nominated you for the Super Sweet Award for bloggers. I love the beauty you bring to this world.


    • Thank you! That’s very kind. I’m not always sweet, but I do like to make my blog personal so that people feel comfortable having conversations. Maybe some might even become friends one day.

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