Attention Cinderella, We Found Your Glass Slipper!

Whether you’re a Cinderella wanna-be, a shoe collector, or a lover of stained glass, you’ll love our new line of handmade, stained glass shoes!

Stained glass shoe brooch pin

We’ve got one up on Etsy now, and more colors will follow soon.

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Free Jewelry Giveaway – Rose Quartz Pendant on Brown Suede

Our free jewelry giveaway is tomorrow. You can win this beautiful Rose Quartz Geometric Pendant on Brown Suede, a handmade original ArtsyGenius design!

rose quartz geometric-539

Rose Quartz Geometric Pendant on Brown Suede Cord

This is from our new line, coming to Etsy next month.

To enter, all you have to do is “Like” the ArtsyGenius page on FB, and tell us what is your favorite shop item or blog post.

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The Answer to “Too Much Jewelry”

family heirlooms1The other day a woman said the oddest thing to me… she said she had “too much jewelry”, so she couldn’t possibly buy another piece. Many a woman would argue that there’s no such a thing, but if you truly believe you are in this predicament, I have the answer for you, so please read on.

In my travels around the world, I’ve acquired many pieces of jewelry that are beautiful and interesting, but end up not getting much use because I simply forget to rotate my pieces. I wear my favorites the same way we all end up in our favorite old jeans or shoes, when we have a closet full of other things to wear. As I look through my exotic collection, I feel so fortunate to have visited so many places that others in my family might never see and I wish I could share my experiences. And then I realize, I can share them. All I have to do is… GIVE IT AWAY! Open up that box of treasures, pull out a few favorites (or a dozen favorites, since I have tons of family), and lovingly choose which piece goes to who. After all, I know my sisters and nieces enough to know their favorite colors. And I even know who saw these pieces on an occasion when I wore them and heard her sigh “Oh that’s so pretty”.

In a sermon I heard long ago, the preacher remarked that the three kings from the east had opened up their personal treasure boxes and given things that cost them dearly to the Christ child. They hadn’t gone to Walmart or even Bloomingdales. They didn’t go to the mall to shop. They had given something personal, something that they had originally intended for themselves. That story stuck with me, and one Christmas when I was low on funds, I decided to open up my treasures and gave them away. My mom, sisters and nieces were delighted and I even had some non-jewelry treasures for brothers and nephews (I don’t have children). Since then, I have kept up the tradition of giving away what I love instead of shopping for generic items at the mall (OK, I do buy my maglites at the mall, but they’re fantastic tools that my relatives of both genders love). And now, I can keep buying wonderful new things in exotic lands without ever having the problem of having “too much jewelry”.

Thank Heaven for Little Girls, Who Love Art

ImageMy cousin Hector has been making Stained Glass art (Tiffany lamps, jewelry boxes, mirrors, stained glass windows, etc.) for decades. He created this recently, out of art glass. It was purchased at an art fair by a little girl, who will undoubtedly treasure it for the rest of her life. Fortunately for the little girl, her grandmother loves art and didn’t think $150 was too much for a jewelry box for a 9 year old.

Mother’s Day Crystal Charm Bracelet with Lampwork Beads and Swarovski Crystals

Mother's Day Crystal Charm Bracelet with Lampwork Beads and Swarovski Crystals

I made this beautiful bracelet for Mother’s Day from crystals and antique beads. It has been popular every Mother’s Day by women of all ages, for themselves and as gifts.The bracelet has 2 different colors of leaves, 2 different colors of small flowers, 3 large lampwork type beads and a charm.

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Mother's Day Crystal Charm Bracelet with Lampwork Beads and Swarovski Crystals Mother's Day Crystal Charm Bracelet with Lampwork Beads and Swarovski Crystals Mother's Day Crystal Charm Bracelet with Lampwork Beads and Swarovski Crystals