Someplace Old, Something New.

Read a great post about “travel envy”, and about the wonderful concept of finding new adventures right outside your front door, wherever that may be.


Blue Grotto

Me, right before I jumped into the Blue Grotto in Capri, Italy.

Lately, I am angry.

This anger happens throughout the day, around the time(s) when I check Facebook/Instagram/Twitter/Pinterest. Those times when I see those pictures. Those pictures of that girl I don’t talk to anymore. Like, ever.

Let’s not get into the fact that I find it endorphin-producing, for whatever reason, to click through the profile pictures of my not-friend ‘friend’ as I quietly judge the way she chooses to represent herself. Or the fact that I always feel the need to click through an album like a maniac to the very end. Because you know what? I’m not a Facebook stalker quitter.

I notice her new profile picture which is what led me to her page in the first place (because if there’s any shred of dignity I can keep it is the fact that I usually don’t…

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