Back to School

Some of us like to learn from books or solitary experimentation, and other prefer a classroom or formal workshop. If you’ve never taken a jewelry-making class and have some concerns, here are some great tips!

Diary of a New Jewelry Artist

Lisa's finished piece.I recently mustered up the courage to attend my first jewelry making class.  As a new jewelry artist and completely self-taught from magazines, internet tutorials, and books, I was pretty nervous about it.  What if everyone is so much better than I am?  What if they laugh at my amateurish technique and hodgepodge variety of tools?  What if someone discovers that I am (gasp!) a complete and utter fraud pretending to be a jewelry designer?  Ok, so I have some self-esteem issues.  Maybe you can relate to being a little insecure about your art.

Overall, it was a worthwhile if not an entirely enjoyable experience.  I did learn a lot, and left with a beautiful piece of jewelry.  It was, however, a frustrating experience.  I felt like I was behind the whole time.  I struggled to keep up with the instructor.  I had to stop being a perfectionist with each…

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2 thoughts on “Back to School

  1. Thanks so much for reposting our blog! We aren’t just new jewelry artists, we are new bloggers, too. So glad to be sharing our experiences with others like ourselves!

    Lisa and Deb

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